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Hadama Seshat

“ struck exactly the right note for teenagers, balancing education with performance and a little thoughtfulness with a lot of fun. You put everyone at ease and made us feel a part of it.”                                                               Martha Coons   Springfield Library 

“My kids genuinely enjoy belly-dancing class with Hadama They have learned poise and grace. They have learned to find the beat inside the beat, to express rhythm through feet, belly and arms in celebration.”
Dina Stander, Writer

"Hadama Hadama, Princess of the Nile. 

When ya gonna marry me and walk me

down the aisle?"

       Eddie Kochak


Middle  Eastern Dance in Western Mass

​Performer * Teacher * Healing Dance Minister

Hadama Seshat


"Thank you SO MUCH for making our event one of the best we've had. Your dancing was so dramatic and compelling visually. Kids were amazed. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback all day."

- Tamara Grogan Greenfield High School​